London based designer and maker, working across a vast range of disciplines, including: set design, set build, prop making, installation, visual arts, jewellery and interior styling.


Using inventive making processes and exploring the potential of unusual materials, her personal work is fuelled by her inquisitive obsession of observing human behaviour. Creating objects and environments which question how we relate to one another.


2013 Royal College of Art

MA: Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork + Jewellery


2007 Camberwell College of Arts

BA: Product Design
+44(0)7855 381 279



Mark Making



Mark Making shot by Naveed Nasir on Vimeo


Exploring ways to visualise an all-encompassing state of mind in her new body of work Mark Making set designer + installation artist Izzy Parker touches on bereavement, addiction and our perception of memory.


Commissioned by Milton Keynes Arts Centre as part of their Common Ground community participation and artist development programme, Parker used the process of making as a platform to discuss themes of time + identity with young people of Milton Keynes community. Parker used her jewellery training from the Royal College of Art to teach the students how to design and make their own signet rings. While crafting her biggest installation yet inspired by considering all-encompassing states of minds such as bereavement + addition.


The result of the project was an exhibition featuring the students signet rings encased in an immersive cave-like installation.  Strung upside down and empty over 12,000 metres of white twine was used to individually hang thousands of hospital dispenser paper drinking cones. Tied up to a modular structure with over 20,000 knots Parker explored the idea of processing thoughts through the cathartic act of making.


The mass of white cones all hung at different levels creates a delicate cocoon-like environment, visualising the distorted perception of time experienced whilst grieving.